For The Greater Glory of God


"Sistine Films delivered an experience that was supportive, high quality, and thoughtful. I have never worked with a producer that had the desire to learn about our mission. Michael is the epitome of a person driven by the passion for their work."

-Jeremy Lillig, CSJA - Managing Director, Bright Futures Fund

The Colleen Howerton Story

In 60 seconds or less... 

"A gifted film maker and a man of integrity, Michael helped me understand the power of my witness to promote my business. I love the results of our collaboration."

-Cloene Davis - Professional Speaker, Author of 'Achieving Your Personal "It"'

"Michael has shown that a new kind of story portrayal is possible in which the clarity and beauty of reality speaks for itself."

-Fr. Jordan Fahnestock - Principal, St Vincent de Paul Parish & School

"For years I sold my business from the expert side, and never from the heart side. Michael came along and reminded me that it was language itself that was getting in the way. "

-Dr Kevin Fleming - CEO of Grey Matters International

"Quality work and friendliness is why we chose Sistine Films.  The partnership felt right. The response from our alumni and friends has been exactly what I was hoping to achieve.

-Lawrence W. Freeman - Chief Advancement Officer, Rockhurst High School

“My stories speak to what I am and what my company stands for.  They're highly effective and transforming the way clients learn about us and the trust they put in us before we’ve even met.”

-Denis Greene - CEO of Church Development

"The film Michael created for us is not a video; it is a small piece of cinema.  It is beautifully crafted and exactly the message we needed to send. I could not have asked for more."

Lauren Schieffer - President, My Stages of Grace

"This tool is a 'must have' for effective leadership. It is simply this... a gift form God!!!”

-Mike Sweeney - Major League Baseball Player

“It’s opening doors for me and I am forming new business relationships and even some friendships.”

-Mike Debus - Performance Artist

“Sistine Films did a marvelous job of telling our story. If you're looking for a partner to bring your narrative to life, I'd encourage you to consider Sistine Films.”

-Greg & Adrienne Doring - Entrepreneurs

"As a small business owner I need every advantage I can get. I never imagined it would be my story."

-Jose Ramirez - Small Business Owner

“Sistine Films combines a deep spirituality with artistic excellence. Director Michael McGlinn's vision and execution is profound and persuasive.”

-Andrew Comiskey - CEO & Best-Selling Author